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The "Prairie Chicken House" designed by architect Herb Greene in late 1950's and built in 1961 in Oklohoma, USA. It looks like Frank Gehry met with Zaha Hadid in the prairie. What's interesting about it is that it drew attention when famous photographer Julius Shulman photographed it to be published in LIFE magazine. Hadn't Shulman found and photographed the house, maybe it would have been left unnoticed and unmaintained to be lost forever.  Here is a short video about the project and a talk with Herb Greene.

The Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photographie (German Photography Society, DGPh) have joined forces to promote academic exchange in the field of photography. As part of their collaboration, the "DGPh History of Photography Research Award", originally established in 1978, will be replaced by two separate awards for research and for innovative publications, awarded every two years. Thinking Photography. DGPh Research Award Young researchers' innovative power and creativity have a significant impact on how photography is perceived and reflected upon. The "Thinking Photography. DGPh Research Award" is awarded for approaches in the humanities, cultural or social sciences which make an

Giovanni Hänninen’s new work on the blank advertisement billboards depicts the eerie atmosphere of Milan under Corona lockdown. The white canvas of large commercial billboards stripped away when the city is struck with the deadly virus and lockdown measures were introduced. His photographs starkly show us how much surface area was actually reserved for commercial advertisement in the cities. Even though he titled his work as "Missing Piece" I would like to think it is a witty irony. More about his work may be found in DOMUS  and in his website.   

Simon Prize on Living Places is organising an online discussion about Architecture and Filmmaking on 21st of May, Thursday at 18:30 (ESP). – Lluís Alexandre Casanovas (Architect and PhD Princeton) one of the winners of Living Places – Simon Architecture Prize 2018 (Personal Places category) – Joana Colomar (filmmaker based in Barcelona and Madrid) director of the short film “Rosa”, winner of Living Places – Simon Architecture Prize 2018 (Personal Places category) – Salvi Plaja (design Director for Simon group) jury member of Living Places – Simon Architecture Prize The online conversation will be moderated by Anna Sala Giralt, Architect in charge of curatorial

  Architecture & the Media 2020 conference is organised by the Fundació Mies van der Rohe and Labóh Communication Consultancy with the support of Creative Europe as part of the dissemination program of the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award. This year's conference is curated by Miriam Giordano, an expert on communications and founder of Laboh consultancy. I can observe that in recent years, Fundacio Mies van der Rohe expanded its activities and eventually attracts more attention. Ivan Blasi, as the Coordinator of the award, is actively working for the last six years to make the

The renovation and the newly built extension of the Museum De Lakenhal in Leiden, Belgium has been completed recently. It was designed by the Dutch practice Happel Cornelisse Verhoeven and the British practice Julian Harrap Architects. I was informed by Divisare's newsletter about this interesting heritage project. What grabbed my attention is the hero image used in the newsletter, shot by Karen Borghouts. It is almost surreal. Compared to neighbouring buildings the museum extension looks like a drawing, almost without any depth. Obviously the flat windows aligned to the surface of the facade enhances this perception. The photo is super crisp,

The above image that I came across at one of the social media channels grabbed my attention immediately. The frameless large transparent wall, the door which seems to be unattached to anywhere, the waves and the horizon under a yellow sky are all captured skilfully in a one-point perspective frame. Further research revealed the building as the Seashore Chapel in Beidaihe, a seaside town east of Beijing. It is designed by Vector Architects. Depending on the tide levels, Seashore Chapel changes its aspect: on a low tide, a shelter appears underneath the structure, while the tide is high the building

The architecture category winner for Sony World Photography Awards 2020 Open Competition is revealed. Rosaria Sabrina Pantano(Italy) is the winner of the architectural category with her photograph titled as 'Emotional Geography', a black & white image featuring 38° Parallelo, a pyramid-shaped sculpture by Mauro Staccioli which stands at the exact point where the geographical coordinates touch the 38th parallel.   Architecture Category shortlist is as follows: Justin Chui, Hong Kong Massimo Crivellari, Italy Paul Crudgington, United Kingdom Marcin Giba, Poland Iraklis Kougemitros, Greece Alexandre B. Lampron, Canada Peter Li, United Kingdom Wen Lu, China Mainland Liliana Ochoa, Colombia Peter Plorin, Germany Eleni Rimantonaki,

During the lockdown conditions due to coronavirus pandemic, we are introduced to new types of events organised on the internet. No kind of event will replace the joy of meeting with friends at a professional or entertainment event with a few pints afterwards, but the digital events have their advantages that can't be ignored. You avoid the rush hour traffic, attend the event at the comfort of your home even with your pyjamas and engage more easily by means of digital tools. Zoomed In was such a new virtual design festival celebrating architecture and photography, founded by Luke O'Donovan. It was

I came across this image of the Egyptian pyramid on Facebook through my dear friend Deniz Güner's feed. It struck me immediately by the humorous contrast and stark simplicity. I didn't know Judy Dater as an architectural photographer before. A simple google search reveals that she was a well-known portrait photographer and feminist from California. So, it is natural that she didn't appear on my radar before. She was best known with her Imogen and Twinka at Yosemite photo in 1974. The above photograph of the pyramid with a snacks booth is from a series of photographs she took during her visit to