The Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photographie (German Photography Society, DGPh) have joined forces to promote academic exchange in the field of photography. As part of their collaboration, the “DGPh History of Photography Research Award”, originally established in 1978, will be replaced by two separate awards for research and for innovative publications, awarded every two years.

Thinking Photography. DGPh Research Award

Young researchers’ innovative power and creativity have a significant impact on how photography is perceived and reflected upon. The “Thinking Photography. DGPh Research Award” is awarded for approaches in the humanities, cultural or social sciences which make an exceptional contribution to photography research. Academic research projects as well as independent publications introducing fresh research perspectives to the medium of photography qualify for the €3,000 prize. Works committed to venturing beyond disciplinary or methodological boundaries and open to new methods and questions are of particular interest.

Writing Photography. DGPh Prize for Innovative Publication

Photography is no longer debated and reflected upon exclusively in scientific publications – an innovative digital culture of discussion has permeated the field of photography. The second new award “Writing Photography. DGPh Prize for Innovative Publication” recognizes shorter formats such as blogs, columns and reviews, online publications and those creatively merging text and photographic material. The winner will receive €1,000 in prize money.

An international jury will select the awards’ recipients. The award ceremony will be held every two years as a joint public event organized by the DGPh and the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation.

This years jury are: Prof. Dr. Stefanie Diekmann (University Hildesheim, Germany, Leading the section “Geschichte und Archive”, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photographie), Alexandra König (Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation, Frankfurt am Main, Germany), Dr. Kathrin Schönegg (Curator C/O Berlin, Germany, Awardee of the “DGPh Forschungspreis” 2018) and Prof. Dr. Alexander Streitberger (Director of the Lieven Gevaert Research Centre for Photography, Art and Visual Culture (LGC), Leuven, Belgium).

The submission deadline for both prizes is 30 September 2020. More information on application process and requirements can be viewed from this link.