Museum de Lkenhal
Museum de Lkenhal

Museum de Lkenhal (Photography: Karen Borghouts)

The renovation and the newly built extension of the Museum De Lakenhal in Leiden, Belgium has been completed recently. It was designed by the Dutch practice Happel Cornelisse Verhoeven and the British practice Julian Harrap Architects. I was informed by Divisare’s newsletter about this interesting heritage project. What grabbed my attention is the hero image used in the newsletter, shot by Karen Borghouts.

It is almost surreal. Compared to neighbouring buildings the museum extension looks like a drawing, almost without any depth. Obviously the flat windows aligned to the surface of the facade enhances this perception. The photo is super crisp, maybe a bit over-sharpened to my taste but it is a very interesting and successful architectural photo. Other photos from the same shooting day reveal Karen Borghouts’s artistic skills to cope with difficult lighting situations. Although I would rather prefer to edit the reflection of the tripod on the coffee machine in one of the shots, the interior shots are impeccably framed and edited.

A documentary clip about Karen Borghouts’s approach may be viewed from below, though in Flemish only. I am surprised to see that we both use the same gear.

Belgie Scherpgesteld – Karin Borghouts from Karin Borghouts